(Part 3) Finishing Up The Wrap

Wrap your thumb. After you finish the last X along the back of your hand, pull the loose end under the bottom of your hand, below your thumb. Now wrap it over and under your thumb, covering the joint in the middle of your thumb. Only do so once. After that, flip your hand so that the palm faces up.
Secure your thumb. Once you have flipped your hand over, draw the wrap along the back of your hand to where it meets your wrist on the pinky-side. Now pull it up and over the bottom of your palm to the base of your thumb. With your thumb spread wide, pull the wrap behind your thumb and then straight across your palm to its pinky-side.
Cover your knuckles. Pull the wrap around the backs of your knuckles. Then draw it over the base of your fingers along your palm. Repeat this twice, for a total of three wraps around your knuckles.
Velcro to finish. Once you have wrapped your knuckles, draw what is left of your wrap down to your wrist. If you have excess material left, either wrap it around your knuckles as before, create more X’s across the back of your hand, or both. Once done, use the velcro to secure your wrap along your wrist. Clench your hand into a fist to make sure the wrap tightens when you do so.
  • Be sure that any excess wrapping along your knuckles doesn’t prevent your glove from fitting. If your glove doesn’t fit with all that extra padding, use a shorter wrap.

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