You don’t need to worry about buying head guards or gloves, we will provide you with the equipment needed when you first start. Eventually you will want to get some of your own equipment, hand wraps and a mouth guard are absolute essentials once you decide boxing is for you.

Using the community gym gloves might be ok for a while but you’ll eventually realise it’s best to have your own training gloves. You’ll eventually want your own headgear if you’re going to do regular sparring. Boxing shoes increase your mobility and power in the ring. This is due to their superior grip and slim material which increases your agility. You’ll not only feel better but move a whole lot better.

Ultimately, all boxing equipment is “essential” if you plan to box seriously and even compete. However for a beginner just learning how to box and testing the waters, our gym equipment is fine.

Beginners will be taught the basics of footwork, basic defence, how to throw basic punches and you will do some shadow boxing and hit the boxing bag. Before moving on to more advance techniques, Punch Combinations, Counter-Punching and Sparring. The fastest way to learn is to learn from somebody who knows what he’s doing like our coaches. The people and environment you surround yourself with will have a great effect on your self growth. Training with trainers and better boxers will improve your skill level quickly. It will be tough and scary and out of your comfort zone but it will make you a better boxer!

Ask for tips from everybody. it’s amazing what you’ll learn when you get advice from many different angles – there is more than one way to do things, you must learn them all. Its surprising how many basic mistakes a beginner makes, dropping there hands, not looking at the opponent, even closing there eyes and reaching with punches instead of waiting until there in range. But you will be taught to do it the correct way and these bad habits will disappear.

Boxing training can be intense, but it’s a sport that teaches physical and mental discipline, the constant moving and throwing of punches means you are giving your body a full workout while improving muscle strength. It’s also a fun and effective way of developing communication skills and can help people with self-esteem.